Friday, November 18, 2005

So....thirteen weeks of graduate school and I'm already back in therapy. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, especially since I seem to be carrying a rather large load of "You Cannot Fail AGAIN" on my back these days. But still...thirteen weeks? Couldn't I have sucked it up for a least a semester before having a nervous breakdown? And really...crying in the counselor's office? What the hell is that about? I DO NOT cry in front of people. In the past thirteen years, the only person I've cried in front of is Catherine, and even that is has been rather infrequent. Before Catherine, I know I cried once in front of Chong. And I've cried in front of my family, but they were trying to provoke me into crying, so I don't think that counts. So, in the last twenty years or so, I've cried in front of exactly two people before today. Why couldn't I have kept that behavior up instead of bursting into tears, I don't know, all of two seconds into my therapy session? I really DO need my head examined.

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