Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I just looked down at a pile of papers on my office floor, and on one of them, it says in block letters "DON'T BLAME PANOFSKY!" What in the world prompted me to write that?

Random thoughts, in no particular order (and thus...actually random):

1. Clean up office so Panofsky quits distracting me.
2. Thanksgiving break was okay, even if half of it was spent apologizing for picking a fight with my partner.
3. You must wonder--if leaving is so hard, why even bother arriving? Save ourselves the trouble.
4. It is fucking cold here.
5. Two weeks plus finals.
6. No way to pull an A in Hindi short of getting more than 100% on the final. How statistically impossible is that?
7. This weekend will blow.
8. Garry and Amanda, cheese souffle, Farming Game. We are never getting a dog.
9. Homi Bhaba calls.
10. As does...whatever the hell the name of that book is that you're supposed to have read by Friday.
11. Radiators suck.

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