Saturday, October 11, 2003

Kind of crazy around town and at work because of homecoming. I hauled over two tons of dough this week, and I feel like my ulna (or is it my radius? I can't tell) is about to break through the skin at my elbow. Bad joint! Bad!

I can complain about my job, but at least it pays for my drum lessons. I met with Bobby today while Catherine went to the homecoming parade. I always knew Bobby was a fantastic drummer, he's worked with a lot of famous groups and donesome great studio work, but today I found out that Jeff Porcaro of TOTO used to be his teacher. That's pretty damn cool--two degrees of separation between me and Jeff Porcaro! He also told me that Jeff's father, Joe, taught him how to really get the swing beat down (instead of counting it, think of it as "Please shut the door, shut the door, shut the door." It works!).

Got together with Catherine for dinner at The Trojan Horse, finished up in time to catch the end of the homecoming fireworks over Dunn Meadow, then headed off to watch the IU women's volleyball team get their butts kicked by Michigan. Oh, well, can't win them all. A nice evening, though, and it made us really pause and think about whether we really want to leave Bloomington or not. It's looking more and more like Catherine might be headed toward a job offer, but neither of us want to be responsible for making the decision to stay or go. We're just kind of hoping that a) there will be no job offer; b) if there is, it will be so fantastic we can't turn it down; or c) if there is, it will be so awful we won't have to think twice about turning it down.

Argh. Everything is so complicated. On Thursday, Steve at BRI suggested he might be able to find enough work to keep me busy, and that's something I really, really want to do, but I hate not being up front with him about the very real possibility that we might leave in January. And he might have just been making chit chat, not thinking that I really would be interested in the nuts and bolts work of affordable housing projects. And then, today I got a phone call offering me an interview to do production work at a local publish-on-demand company. I don't think the work itself is that great, but the salary is better than my current one, and it would have benefits. But I just got a raise at my current job, and I know it's not a good job, really, and it's breaking my body into little, tiny, bitter pieces...but it is kind of fun.

Okay, obviously thinking should not be happening at 9:30 on a Friday night. I could go around in circles for hours. Better just to remember we had a good time tonight, and we can have good times wherever we are and wherever we go, and it's best just not to worry about it.

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