Monday, April 15, 2002

While I'm in the blogging mood:

1) 2 months after my father's heart attack, I'm still completely pissed off at my brother. Or, my former brother, I should say. How does he get to be such a complete jerk? I swear, the angry things I'd like to say to him....

2) I'm not sure how to handle problem co-worker A. I can't just keep being surly; on the other hand, I'm not sure how I'm ever going to prevent myself from being surly. I'm just waiting for her to make some sort of comment about my weight (oh, look, I used homonyms), then I'm going to unload on her. 'Cause it's coming, I know.

3) On the plus side, I've finished 2 of my 4 philosophy questions, and started the 3rd one about Kant's synthetic and a priori judgements. It's taking me an hour to do one question.

4) I hope my teammates want to go to the Rusted Root concert with us next month, it would be nice to do something with someone else for a change. We're going to try and get together with Terri before she leaves town, too. Considering I do absolutely nothing with my life, it's sure hard to schedule face time with other people. And next term I don't want to teach on Mondays. I'm missing Margaret Cho tonight because I have to teach. And it really interferes w/March Madness, so that's got to go.

5) My Russian is stressing me out, it takes me an hour to write a 3-sentence letter. What's up with that?

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