Thursday, October 18, 2001

I continue to wake up completely exhausted, already worrying about what might be on the news. Catherine has been really good about keeping the TV off in the mornings. Lately I've been breaking the "no TV in the evenings" rule, I need to be better about that. I dreamt last night that Paul McCartney died, and I was really sad. It was the first thing I asked about when I woke up. I think I dreamt about Paul McCartney because I was thinking about those Afghan men who were killed by U.S. bombing, the ones who were involved in cleaning Afghanistan of landmines. My dreaming mind must have made the connection to Paul's new wife. I guess.

I'm not making myself feel any better by staying up too late at night, but I feel like I need to watch the Daily Show to get my laughs these days. America Freaks Out! pretty much describes it. He's such a cute guy, I would like to pat his head.

We watched a show no the WTC last night on the History Channel when I got home from school. It was filmed in January, and was kind of creepy.

Hockey this weekend, it will feel good to be doing something besides work and school. Had a test last night, I think I did okay, although I was worrying about it a lot before hand. I didn't study very hard for it, and it turns out he handed out a review sheet last week when I was gone because of my sinus infection, so I didn't really focus on the right things. But I think it went okay. Now we're doing trigometric functions, and that's okay, just kind of tedious.

I'm trying not to think of the long-term impact of all this. I can't see the end of it--will this go on forever? Will we grab bin Laden, put him on trial, and execute him like Timothy McVeigh? If we shoot him dead, will this lead to more terrorism? If we don't shoot him dead, will it lead to more terrorism? Will countries dependent on US tourist dollars make it through this? Will we bomb everyone we don't like? Will the Northern Alliance fill the power vacuum left by the destruction of the Taliban? Will they abuse people, too? Will India and Pakistan nuke each other into oblivion? Are we contributing to the environmental disaster that is known as Afghanistan? Will China run amok, now that it is our ally and we've given it the Olympics? Will we have the Olympics? Will Sharon back off a little and give Palestine what it wants?

No wonder I'm tired.

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