Monday, October 22, 2001

The hockey part of the weekend was awful. Both our teams got blown away, and I had a particularly frustrating weekend of sitting on the bench. So, I don't even want to think about that. We did some fun stuff outside the rink (although it probably wasn't so fun for Catherine since I was pissed off 1/2 the time).

The drive to Cincinnati was pretty straightforward. We headed out late in the afternoon, listened to Harry Potter on the way there. The hotel was really nice (except we got stuck in a smoking room even though I asked for non-smoking). Very smooth room designed for business travelers. Out in the middle of nowhere in a business park area. Had dinner at the only place we could find, a Bennigan's. Went to the rink, did all the hockey stuff.

Up really early for more hockey, then Catherine and I went into town to the Cincinnati Art Museum. They had a nice exhibit of photographs up, borrowed from the Henry Art Gallery. Had lunch at the museum, took a nap in the car while Catherine was looking at the poster exhibit. More hockey which pretty much ruined my evening. Spent most of the post-game hours either crying or trying not to cry. Went to Applebee's for dinner, which was surprisingly good.

Avoided the team the next morning and got out on the road without having to talk to anyone. We had a really nice drive home. Left the freeway and drove up to Brookville (Brooksville?), a very cute little town with a nice Catholic Church. Spent some time in Metamora, took a canal boat ride, sprained my ankle (the irony). Had a decent tuna sandwich. Drove back on a small highway, through Oldenburg (?), a village of spires. Very nice with the fall air and turned leaves. Avoided I-74 almost the entire way. Got a little turned around in Columbus, but found our way back to 46 with no problems.

Spent the evening on the couch with ice on my ankle. Already today I've broken my resolve to go to the gym every day, but my ankle was legitimately injured, so I'm trying to cut myself some slack.


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