Sunday, January 04, 2009

How to Make a Living.

Orchard labor, thinning (Tonasket)
Parking office clerk (WWU, Bellingham)
Cabin girl, guest ranch (Montana)
Cashier, Jack in the Box (Seattle)
Reference Assistant (UW, Seattle)
Translator/Interpreter (Seattle)
Temp worker (Seattle, multiple corporations)
Office Assistant, Seattle Indian Health Board (Seattle)
Medical Receptionist, Seattle Indian Health Board (Seattle)
Side, Herfy’s (Bellingham)
Campus Security officer (WWU, Bellingham)
Desk clerk, YMCA (Bellingham)
Day prep worker, Taco Time (Bellhingham)
Teaching Assistant, Art History (WWU, Bellingham)
Teaching Assistant, Art History (USC, Los Angeles)
Note Taker (USC, Los Angeles)
Green ceramic ware cleaner (Tonasket)
Teaching Assistant, Art History (UO, Eugene)
Night Janitor (UO, Eugene)
Translator/Proofreader (UO, Eugene)
Temp worker (UO, Eugene)
Billing Clerk (UO, Eugene)
Customer Service Rep, Symantec (Eugene)
Teaching Assistant, History (UO, Eugene)
Note Taker (UO, Eugene)
Research Assistant (UO, Eugene)
Chauffeur (Bloomington)
Hardware Specialist (IU, Bloomington)
Music Editor, Koreanday (Bloomington)
Electronic Resources Coordinator (IU, Bloomington)
Adjunct Faculty, Design Technology (Ivy Tech, Bloomington)
Construction Manager (Bloomington)
Prime Roller, One World Industries (Bloomington)
Commercial Drafter (Bloomington)
Computer Support, Forest Service (Bedford, Tell City)
Design Assistant (Columbus)
Teaching Assistant, Architectural History (UIUC, Champaign-Urbana)

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