Sunday, August 17, 2008

je ne parle pas français....

...but I still managed to find a hotel just two blocks from the archive I will be using in Vanves in November. I'm just saying.

Actually, I'm just saying because I've always wanted to go to Paris, but last time I had the opportunity, I was too tired to make the trip and I spent the long weekend in Brighton instead. Catherine has promised multiple times that she will visit me while I'm in France, and we've been planning to go to Versailles, since Vanves is only about 18km away, on the western side of Paris. One of the brilliant things about being an architectural historian: as long as you take time to look at a few buildings when you're out and about, it counts as research.

Anyway, I've reserved a studio with kitchenette in an apparthôtel, and couldn't be happier right now, really.


Beth said...

C'est chouette, ça! Magnifique! Je voudrais des photos quand tu arrives.


PS the word verification on this comment looks like Wookie. Not like the word "Wookie" but as though it were in Wookie language.

Si said...

Sorry, I thought I'd turned off the word verification setting. But now I wonder what the Wookie language actually looks like! Yes, I'm suddenly starting to look forward to this trip.