Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Life is in Storage

Well, it's almost moving day. I've been sorting and stacking for awhile now, but the boxes have finally been broken out of storage--it's time for the real deal. Emotionally, this is a lot harder than I expected it be. Every time I wrap something up and put it in a box, I think, "Oh, I remember hanging this up in my first apartment here. It was really fun setting up that apartment." I'm not sure exactly what went wrong between then and now, but nowhere in me can I find that person who actually wanted to try out this whole Ph.D. thing.

[I'm back. You can't tell by reading, but I had to go take a crying break.]

Anyway, packing things up here means I really am going to leave the country for a year, I really am going to do research in India, and I really am going to go forward with this thing. I'm trying not to treat it like a death sentence, but it definitely feels like I'm being sent into exile against my will.

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