Sunday, June 01, 2008

Web Sucks

You'd think someone who has written html code since 1992 would have at least one freaking idea as to why a blogger template isn't working. $&*@(!!!

ETA: Okay, I've done what you're supposed to do when something doesn't work: go out and buy a replacement. Well, less "buy" than "use free of charge." I think this officially means that I can no longer consider myself a geek. If you can't code your own template, you are no longer entitled to wear t-shirts with hip and ironic code jokes. Also, you are no longer permitted to read slashdot. Or fark. Or any of the internets.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

PHP is not the same thing as makes my head hurt.


Si said...

Generally speaking, the web makes my head hurt. How many days did it take me to moderate this comment? More than 14.