Wednesday, January 01, 2003


I gave Catherine the major part of her birthday present today, five days early, and she is absolutely glowing. Who knew technology could please a woman so much? She is finally the owner of a DVD player of her very own. I thought she might get mad because I spent so much money when we're a little cash poor, but I should have realized she loves anything and everything to do with the television. I can never go wrong with a TV-related present.

She'll have to wait for the rest of her present until the 5th, but since she was planning on going to town to rent videos tomorrow, I figured she might as well rent DVDs instead. She's already got it hooked up and working. I can't even figure out the VCR, so I'm really impressed. I think she would be watching one of the free DVDs that came off one of my cereal boxes, but the Pacers are playing, and she absolutely cannot be distracted from sports these days.

This evening she thanked me for not letting her get rid of the Lunatic. We've both grown rather fond of the little terrorist.


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